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What is affiliate marketing and how to make money with your blog

April 15, 2019 By

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry and it has created an unbelievable amount of success stories where an average Joe is able to leave their job and live a life of complete freedom and financial stability. But how does it actually work and can you do it yourself?

Affiliate marketing is ultimately where a marketer promotes somebody else’s product or service and in return gets a commission for the sale. It is the perfect way for anyone to start an online based income without any prior experience and with a low start-up cost. There are multiple different ways to become an affiliate, one way is you can find a product that you like and visit their website and see if they have an affiliate program and ask how to join or you can use platforms such as Amazon, ClickBank and JVZoo and choose from thousands of products to promote from their marketplace. Once you find products that you want to promote just grab your unique affiliate link and post it in your blog.

Like all money making ideas there are pro’s and con’s and that’s what we will look at below:


  • Low start-up cost
  • Easy to get started
  • Most companies don’t reject if someone wants to be an affiliate for them
  • Can be done around your full time job easily
  • Can yield in massive paydays
  • Refunds and customer queries are handled by the company and not you
  • You can promote multiple products at the same time without extra work



  • You need to know a bit about marketing
  • A lot of advertising platforms like Google and Facebook are constantly raising their prices up
  • There are some shady companies out there who will rip you off

Hopefully you have an idea of how affiliate marketing works and whether if it’s right for you. Like all new projects you need to be disciplined not to give up when things aren’t going your way because it does take time and you will make mistakes in your journey but that’s just how things are.

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