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Difference between Google Ads & Facebook Ads

April 1, 2019 By

Google and Facebook are the most dominant websites in the world, according to Google’s global ranking is at No1 and Facebook ranks at No3 which makes them the best place to market your product or services. But which one is better? Well honestly they are both really good but they both work very differently to each other and right here I will explain HOW?

Firstly, you have to understand the type of traffic these websites have.

Google generates traffic that are searching something with Intent whereas Facebook traffic are based on Interest.

INTENT BASED TRAFFIC: Traffic in this category are actively searching for something, more specifically a solution to a problem. Let’s say you have a dog and want to learn how to train your dog, you are most likely going to use google and write the term “how to train my dog” because you are searching for something with an intent. Now when you advertise with this platform you have to understand what will a potential customer write in the search section in order to find the type of services/ products you offer. This type of advertising is also a very direct form of advertising.


INTEREST BASED TRAFFIC: Traffic in this category are not actively searching for something. They have however displayed an interest on certain things such as liking music or more specifically a certain artist that they follow. Ads appear very differently in these type of platforms especially on Facebook. Interest based ads appear as news feeds that the user may see while browsing. The users are more interested in what their friends and family are up to and not there to buy anything, but if you can make a really attractive ad placement than this type of advertising is really powerful.

Now that you have understood how each of these platforms work you can decide on which one to use and how to use them to market your product/ services. Remember one is not typically better than the other, they just work differently.


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