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Paid traffic vs Free traffic:

March 26, 2019 By

One of the most common question I get is “Hassan, can I make sales with free traffic?” simple answer “YES”. But not recommended.

Before I explain why I don’t recommend free traffic first you have to understand that free traffic doesn’t exist. When it comes to any form of traffic you either pay with time or money and sometimes spending time alone to generate tons of free traffic can in itself become a full time job along with the fact that time is not scalable like money, you can’t generate more hours, everyone in the world is limited to 24 hours a day only. But the biggest problem I have when it comes to non-paid traffic is that it is not predictable, you can have 100 clicks today and only a few clicks the next day, you can’t control how many visitors you want to be exposed to. With paid traffic (depending on your budget) you can have anywhere from 100s of clicks to 1000s of clicks per day. Paid traffic is much more predictable, scalable and depending on the source of traffic it can be a lot cheaper in value than time.

But if you really are in a position where you can’t afford paid traffic then the best options would be either having a blog where you post as much content as you can on a consistent basis or any type of social media platform where you engage with your audience as much as you can on a consistent basis. Now these posts and engagement should be educational and full of value, try to find solutions for problems and issues that your specific audience might be searching for. Ask them to sign up to your mailing list for more content and that will give you access to engage with them via e-mail and build a relationship with them. The best part about these form of traffic is that the traffic tends to generate more followers and repeat buyers.

If you’re thinking about paid traffic than here are a few traffic sources that you might like, especially if you’re new.

  • Facebook
  • Bing ad words
  • Udimi market place

If you’re part of SFM Elite than you will be aware that I give full training on how to start a powerful campaign using all these traffic sources.

I hope this was informative.

Live free,


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