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The No.1 Mistake: All new marketers make while driving traffic (learn how you can avoid it)!

March 20, 2019 By

The most common mistake I see new marketers do and even some seasoned marketers are still doing is that they find a really good offer and they drive traffic strait to that offer. Don’t do that!

When it comes to marketing online the most important thing you have to understand is that hardly anyone will buy when they see a product for the first time, especially if you’re offering a make money online product because unfortunately there are a lot of garbage out there in this industry. What you have to realize is that people buy with emotions and justify with logic. You have to make sure that the traffic are emotionally ready and have enough information about you and the product to justify their purchase.

So how do we do that? Well it’s actually quite simple.

You need to drive all your traffic to a landing page/ capture page where the prospect gives you their e-mail address. Now for them to give you their e-mail address you should offer them something of value in return such as a free video, an e-book or access to a live webinar. Sometimes after they receive your offer they will buy whatever it is that you are promoting and sometimes they won’t, but the best part about capturing an e-mail address is that you can build a relationship with your prospects and after you have built a good relationship and trust, you can advertise the product again or you can offer something else that they might be interested in. A lot of these customers don’t just buy once from you, they buy multiple times depending on how well you build your relationship with them and how often you e-mail them.

In this industry the saying is “the money is in the list” and from my personal experience I have noticed that it is true but with a little twist. You see the money is in the list depending on how well you nurture your list, if you hammer them with e-mails that have no value in them than your list will be garbage in a few months but if you send e-mails to teach and engage with them than your list is really your biggest asset. A lot of the top marketers don’t really pay for traffic after they have built a large list of subscribers because they have built a strong relationship with their list that will follow them to the ends of the world. Basically their list buys from them more than once and they don’t need to pay for traffic which means they make 100% profit on a promotion.

So start driving traffic to you landing page and not strait to the offer!

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