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How to make youtube video’s to generate more sales

March 4, 2019 By

Ever thought about how people make so much money just by posting a few videos on youtube? I used to. Right now I’m going to teach you how to reach your audience and make your video viral without spending a dime.
Firstly you have to realize that video marketing is a lot faster with a higher sales and opt-in conversion per visitor than traditional SEO. If you don’t do video marketing, I suggest that you start as soon as possible because you are missing out on a hell of a lot of money making potential.
Before you start making a video you need to know what people want to see in your niche. Head over to ubersuggests and write down keywords to see how popular the content you are willing to share is. If you make a video on topics that’s not popular than no one will watch or even share.
Once you’ve decided on what topic you want to chat about, just get out your phone and start talking. You don’t need a studio or any of the other fancy expensive stuff that people believe you need to make a video with. Share your surroundings with you. People like honest, comfortable and real people. I have made plenty of videos on my phone when I was in the park with my family just wearing shorts and flip flops. Being you builds trust with your viewers and shows that you are just like them. It also makes you more likable. Most of the biggest social media personnel are talking in their back garden or while they’re walking their dog. Just hit the record button and start talking but make sure you face the camera. When you start talking make sure you laugh, smile and ask them to leave comments and questions and if they leave any comments, make sure to reply. Ask them to subscribe to your channel to be the first to be notified of new video uploads.
Once the video is recorded head over to ubersuggest again and look at what keywords are most popular so you know what title to put for your video. Now you’re ready to upload your video.

Once you upload your video make sure to do these within the first hour of your upload.
1. Send a direct link of the video to your e-mail list
2. Post it on facebook as a link from your youtube channel so your friends can like and share it.
3. Upload it to your blog so your readers can watch it.

The more traction you get organically the more viral it will be on youtube. Make sure to have a call to action in the description section and mention that in the video.
Remember that consistency always pays off, try to put a video every few days, there is no magic number but every 2 or 3 days is a good figure.
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